Mastering change requires leadership, skill, and full alignment with corporate goals

In the first quarter of 2012, we began to implement our new organizational design to address growing complexity in our product range and customer base. The redesign increased staff empowerment, giving greater responsibility to the businesses and sales regions. At the same time, it involved significant change, requiring considerable flexibility and professionalism.

The weaker market and our revenue decline from the second quarter on made it necessary to adapt and resize. In the fourth quarter, we announced a reduction of 150 positions worldwide – through transfers, natural attrition, early retirement, etc. Regrettably, redundancies could not be avoided in 90 cases. Straumann approached this fully aware of its social responsibilities as an employer. Appropriate redundancy packages were offered including support in seeking new employment. Initial reductions were made in 2012, with the remainder to follow in 2013. At year-end the global workforce stood at 2517. Almost a third of the job cuts were in management.

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