The Shareholders’ General Meeting elects and appoints the Group’s external auditors on an annual basis. In March 2012, PricewaterhouseCoopers AG (PwC), Basel, was re-elected for an eighth consecutive year as the auditor of Straumann Holding AG. The auditor in charge was Dr Rodolfo Gerber, Swiss Certified Public Accountant, who took over the mandate in 2012.


The worldwide fees paid to the auditors PwC:
(in CHF 1 000) 2012 2011  
Total audit fees 928 949  
Tax consultancy 1126 1384  
Legal 3 115  
Transaction services (Neodent acquisition) 447 n/a  
Other 168 486  
Total non-audit fees 1744 1985  
Total 2673 2934