Vision 2020

Our Vision 2020 project provided valuable insights into the future of dentistry and our markets. Using existing data, new research, and numerous interviews with experts, we endeavored to anticipate the needs of dental professionals and patients in our markets in order to be their partner of choice in the years ahead.
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The dental profession will experience significant change between now and 2020. As equipment and running costs rise, single-dentist surgeries will increasingly merge into group practices and chains.

The face of dental care will be increasingly female as more women are training to become dentists than men. As this continues, a growing proportion of female dentists may prefer to work part-time, for family reasons – fuelling the trend towards group practices.


Digitalization will shape the future of dentistry, changing workflows and value chains for dentists and labs. Advanced scanning technology will be more common and will converge with surgical and prosthetic software – especially as tooth replacement is being driven increasingly by prosthetic considerations.

Innovation will continue to be an important industry driver and is beginning to encompass processes, services and solutions in addition to products. New materials and minimally invasive techniques will open the door to a larger number of patients, who have not been able to – or have avoided – implant treatment. Enhanced precision through computer supported techniques will also have a part in this.

How Straumann might look in 2020

Based on Vision 2020, we concluded that we should be able to more than double our present size by 2020 (both in terms of revenues and employees) and to deliver attractive profit margins.

The future is now

Vision 2020 may seem a distant aspiration but – as this report shows – we are already working on many of the initiatives to shape the future. At Straumann, the future is already happening.