Straumann Products

Straumann offers dental solutions that range from saving compromised teeth by tissue regeneration to tooth restoration or complete replacement. In 2012 we brought a number of meaningful additions to our portfolio as part of our continuing efforts to broaden treatment options, increase precision and product life, save time, add convenience for customers, and reduce discomfort for patients.


Sectional overview of Straumann products

Product / solution launches in 2012

Product / solution Description Added value / benefit for customer
CARES Scan & Shape   Service offering Straumann CARES abutments to customers without requisite CADCAM scanning capability
  • Improved profitability and productivity
  • More treatment options
  • Greater flexibility and choice of materials
  • Original components with Straumann guarantee
  • No need to invest in scanning equipment or software
CARES Visual 7.0 Comprehensive design software based on the DWOS platform
  • Improved connectivity
  • Reduced costs without migration from one system to another
  • Full flexibility in the prosthetic digital workflow
  • Validated Straumann or external workflow
  • Not locked to a single manufacturer
Emdogain 015   Smaller cost-effective size (0.15 ml) for use in smaller procedures  
  • Encourages use in smaller indications where Emdogain has a clear benefits for patients but is not used for cost reasons
  • Additional use in combination with various bone grafting materials
Loxim   New implant transfer piece  
  • Simpler, faster, convenient handling
TiBrush   Simple maintenance instrument for implants affected by peri-implantitis  
  • Effective mechanical debridement of implant surface
  • Prolonged life of compromised implants
Stress-Free Implant Anchor   New implant anchor for attaching overdentures to implants  
  • Greater possibility for angulation
  • More prosthetic options than with Locator