Dr Sandro Matter

Executive Vice President, Head of Products in 2011

‚A future open standard software opens a world of new opportunities for everyone.’

How was the feedback from the market to the announcement of your partnership with Dental Wings and 3M ESPE?

Overwhelmingly positive. Customers know digitization is here to stay and standardization is the right way to go. A future open standard software opens a world of new opportunities for everyone.

Are there any specific objectives to include other partners?

Yes, our aim is to offer Straumann processes and elements built on an ‘open’ platform that is the Number One in the dental world. To achieve this, we need and want other partners to join this platform, but that will take time.

‘CARES 7.0: now open’ – is this statement correct?

Indeed, with the upcoming CARES 7.0 system and its DWOS core, Straumann CARES will be built on an open standard software platform, offering dental professionals flexibility, connectivity, and validated workflows with the Straumann manufacturing process. The DWOS partners will continue to have their own software applications, only the platform – the DWOS core – is shared. So although between 70 and 80% of the functionality will be very similar, there will also be Straumann-specific applications. We thus ensure that the product that goes into the patient’s mouth is exactly what has been designed.


What do you think are the main benefits?

First, increased flexibility and connectivity throughout the entire prosthetic digital workflow and connections to multiple data sources. Second, reduced investment risks: investing in standard software driven by several strong partners is the right answer against technological obsolescence. Because of the fast moving nature of technology, this has been one of the big hurdles for our customers facing the introduction of digital technologies. This collaboration gives the market, as a whole, assurance and confidence. Investment decisions that are made today should also be the right decision tomorrow. Third, the capacity for differentiation and the potential to improve the quality and effectiveness of the prosthetic outcome.


Does digitization offer benefits for all dental professionals?

Absolutely. In a survey, dental professionals said that the advantages and opportunities of digitization were ‘higher quality and precision’ followed by ‘faster workflow’, ‘higher cost effectiveness’ and ‘better esthetics’.


How complete is the current digital workflow of the digital solutions portfolio?

We are already able to offer a complete digital workflow – not only for tooth-borne restorations, but also for implantborne restorations – with pre-operative planning, guided surgery, intra-oral impression-taking, scanners and milling centers.


What is Straumann’s vision of the future of digital dentistry?

Customers buy a product because it is more efficient and adds value. They want higher precision, fewer remakes of crowns, and other clinical advantages. Straumann’s vision is to have the leanest, most practical and easy-to-use workflow, where the Straumann product is not only judged by the quality of the final restoration placed in the patient, but also by the process to get there.