Our strategy

Growth and market leadership Straumann is currently pursuing a growth strategy, which is focused on dental market-segments that are characterized by high unmet needs, strong growth potential and significant opportunity for innovative solutions. Each of the businesses we are currently in – implant dentistry, restorative dentistry and regenerative dentistry – meets these criteria and we aim for top-three positions in all our market segments, with clear differentiation from our competitors.

In this respect, our strategy has been successful. Having overtaken the market leader in implant dentistry in 2010, we underpinned our leadership position in 2011. With our regenerative product Emdogain, we continue to lead the oral soft tissue regeneration segment and we are among the top three players in centrally-milled CADCAM elements (restorative dentistry).

Straumann's key strategic building blocks

Strategic building blocks

Within our three businesses - implant dentistry, restorative dentistry and regenerative dentistry - , our strategy comprises four building blocks, which are explained above. The table below provides examples of how we applied our strategy in each case in 2011 and of our priorities in 2012.

Strategic achievements in 2011 and priorities for 2012

Differentation through innovation & clinical excellence

Strategy in action 2011 Priorities for 2012
Outperformed market for 5th consecutive year; growth lifted by Bone Level Implant range, Roxolid, and digital solutions Performance above market average; launch enhanced digital solutions
Initiated collaboration with Dental Wings and 3M ESPE to pioneer open software standard for dental industry. Further streamline and connect key digital dental workflows
Further built innovative product portfolio
  • Controlled launch of new generation small-diameter implant
  • Launch of high-performance ceramics for tooth restoration
  • Continued MembraGel rollout
Exploit and further build innovation pipeline, further rollout of recent launches  
20 studies completed; 43 ongoing at year-end. Maintain investments in R&D and clinical excellence
Dedicated CHF 39 m (6% of net revenues) to R&D

Customer focus

Strategy in action 2011 Priorities for 2012
Started reorganization to enhance agility, salesforce efficiency, and time to market Implement new structure; expand training for sales and marketing
Presence at key events attended by more than half a million participants Further build customer responsiveness and services; continue to leverage partnerships
Expanded customer loyalty program supporting training, practice building and patient information
Increased Sales & Marketing staff by approx. 50 to >1100 Further selective investments

Geographic focus

Strategy in action 2011 Priorities for 2012

Achieved growth across all regions; strong in North America and RoW, solid in APAC, slight in Europe

Foster local management and entrepreneurship to further drive growth; further expansion in emerging markets like China; rollout of key products in Japan

Bone Level Implant launched in Japan after receiving regulatory approval

Opened China office; entered Colombian market

People & operational excellence

Strategy in action 2011 Priorities for 2012
Implemented ‘lean management’; operational efficiency gains; reorganization to drive entrepreneurship and reduce complexity   Reduce currency exposure
Completed ‘Vision 2020’ (long-term strategic direction) Communicate ‘Vision 2020’ Group-wide
Strengthened team: 91 new positions, low fluctuation (12%) Further build Straumann Academy; implement new remuneration model
Staff development: >50% of leadership vacancies filled internally; leadership principles defined; 360° assessment for leaders Global staff survey